Sure it can.

With the trend in eco-friendly products gathering steam, leading manufacturers and retailers are looking for solutions. Cargill's BiOH® polyols offer a more responsible choice when it comes to raw materials.

BiOH polyols are a soy-based ingredient for flexible foam used in upholstered furniture and bedding, carpet backing, and automotive seats. Traditional foam and carpet backing ingredients are derived from petroleum-based products. BiOH products are made from a renewable resource - soybean oil. Today BiOH polyols replace a portion of the petroleum-based ingredients for flexible foams.

Foam cushioning made with BiOH polyols is comparable to existing foam used by the home furnishings and automotive industries while leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Products that incorporate BiOH polyols offer a responsible choice for consumers and businesses that are increasingly interested in sustainability. Explore our website to learn more!

Could a tiny soybean offer a more responsible choice to the furniture industry?